By sending Sir Arthur Phillip and the first batch of convicts to explore Australia, the British government had little idea where these people were going. The only reliable information about…

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Australian cuisine
Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and diverse in the world. Its possibilities range from meat pies and vegetarian sandwiches to kangaroo fillets with young beetroot shoots and…

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Kangaroo - for hot, ballerina - for dessert
About Australian cuisine, everyone strives to say some nasty things. "There is no kitchen in Australia!" - the most common option. "This is the same English, only with sand on…

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Education in Australia – not just for Aboriginal people (part 2)

Enrolling in Australian private schools is easy – just have money, know English and get an interview. Moreover, if you show your best side during the interview, you will be forgiven for gaps in English. There was a case when an elite Scotts College accepted a boy from Russia who spoke poor English. The headmaster liked his fighting qualities. An English boy, for free, “pulled up” in a neighboring language school.

It should be borne in mind that the duration of studies in Australian and Russian schools is different. Therefore, the class in which the child will be taken will, of course, depend on the volume and content of the disciplines studied in Russia, but ultimately on what impression the child will make on the school leadership.

If you graduate from high school in Australia, you will be able to go to university on a common basis with local residents. But after graduating from a Russian school, you will first have to take preparatory or language courses at Australian universities. And upon admission to the university – to pass language proficiency tests.

Those who have completed one or more university courses in Russia need to send an academic certificate to the University of Australia, in which the contents of the subjects studied are decoded. If you come up, they will send you a letter of preliminary enrollment. Already in Australia, before entering a university, it is better, as already mentioned, to study in language courses. After successfully passing the IELTS or TOEFL, you will be accepted to the university (IELTS requirements at Australian universities – 6, and TOEFL – at least 550 points). Which course, again, will depend on the amount of knowledge gained in Russia.

Swaying away from full-time studies is fraught with trouble: truants face deportation. They can also be expelled from the country for “bad behavior.” Last year, two students from Russia had to leave Australia – after they stole a TV in a store.

University students have three housing options: on campus, in an Australian family ($$ 180-200 per month with meals) or in a rented apartment (you can rent a 2-room apartment for two for at least $ 200 per month “per brother”).

“Exemplary” foreign students who are not noticed in their discrediting actions and attend classes daily, get the right to work in Australia. Moreover, you can count not only on a part-time job somewhere in a cafe, but also on a position in offices, banks or travel agencies. Students of business schools have a real chance to get an assistant manager in a company.

Work is allowed no more than 20 hours a week, but you can earn well – at least $ 150 per week. Of course, this money will not cover the cost of training, but for pocket expenses, food or housing, they will be enough.

And, finally, the most important thing – since November of this year, foreigners who have studied at universities in Australia for at least 3 years will be given preference when deciding on immigration. And they will not be difficult to get a work visa.

Allow only healthy

The conditions for obtaining a student visa to travel to Australia depend on where you are going to study – at the so-called formal courses (schools, colleges and universities, after which accredited Australian degrees and diplomas are awarded) or informal (short-term courses, after which diplomas and certificates are not issued). But in either case, you need to have a confirmation of the school about your preliminary enrollment (Acceptance Advice Form).

To obtain a visa for non-formal courses, you must pass a preliminary assessment (pre-visa assessment) at the Australian embassy. After considering the visa application, you can be interviewed, where you must state the purpose and reasons for the trip. I will have to honestly admit whether you have the means to study and if you are not going to emigrate. If the interview is successful, you will need to be examined in the clinic for health.

For courses lasting less than 3 months, you can go on a tourist visa. Such a visa lasting up to 4 weeks is given without any medical certificates, beyond this period – if there is a result of fluorography.

Students traveling to Australian universities receive a visa at the embassy for the duration of the language courses (before this, again, you need to undergo a medical examination in Russia, and in some cases an interview). After admission to the university, the student must apply to the Australian Department of Emigration, where he will be extended the period of stay in the country and will be issued a new visa.

Since May 1, the procedure for processing visa applications at the Australian embassy has risen in price and now amounts to $ 250. Another $ 70 is worth a physical examination. Money for studying in Australia should be transferred only when the embassy gives the go-ahead to leave.

As a rule, if you are healthy and your papers are in perfect order, then after 2-4 weeks after applying, you will be given a visa. Not very healthy or sick will have to be treated, not learn.

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