Sydney in full swing Olympic price race
Australian real estate agents joke that the Sydney luxury housing market is now as hot as the Olympic flame, which is supposed to light up the sky over this city…

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Sydney - Walking Upside Down
"A peasant at the Australian embassy is asked: Do you have a criminal record ?, and he answered: And what, do you still need a criminal record to get an…

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Crocodile lunch among eucalyptus trees
From Russia to Australia fly eighteen hours, with two transfers. This is if you choose a shortened route - through Tokyo. And if you get to the fifth continent via…

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Australian cuisine

Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and diverse in the world. Its possibilities range from meat pies and vegetarian sandwiches to kangaroo fillets with young beetroot shoots and fried onions.

The heyday of Australian cuisine began recently – in the 90s of our century. All the major cities of the green mainland survived the emergence of many new restaurants, designed in the spirit of “modern Australian cuisine.” The success of the local culinary art was due to two factors: firstly, the variety and unusualness of the dishes, and secondly, cheapness.

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The day Australia freezes

Every year on the first Tuesday of November, Australia inevitably falls into a slight insanity. It covers the country for 142 years, long passed directly with genes. They are waiting for this day with lust, preparing to throw out the accumulated charge of emotions in the cherished 3.5 minutes. That is how much the average takes the crown race in the races for the Melbourne Cup.

For the fifth continent, one of the most prestigious races of the world means immeasurably more than just a competition of two dozen eminent horses, whatever the prize pool. By the way, this time it amounted to a record amount of 4 million Australian dollars, or 2.2 million US dollars. This is the day of “absolute democracy”, almost permissiveness, when statuses, positions and titles cease to exist, when you can and should relax, forget about sorrows and worries, completely surrendering yourself to the power of sports excitement. Continue reading

Where better to relax for the New Year

More and more Russians go on New Year’s holidays on a journey – in their own country or abroad. The meeting of the familiar home, family holiday outside the walls of your apartment is a new trend in the winter tourist season of recent years. To make the New Year’s Eve unforgettable, it is not necessary to go to exotic countries – Russia offers many interesting winter destinations and routes. As a rule, the choice of tourists depends on both financial circumstances and the availability of documents – passports and visas.

New Year holiday themes
New Year holidays can be very interesting and varied. For example, many Russians will travel to Europe, where they will visit museums, excursions and walk around the cities of Austria, Germany, Denmark and other countries decorated for Christmas. Continue reading

Quisland: from jellyfish to ram lizard
What is Queensland? One of the five states of Australia with a subtropical climate, miles of beaches, the lights of luxury hotels, the noise of the ocean tide and the…


What and how in Australia
So, you flew to Australia. You do not need to take products, seeds, plants with you - they will not let you through. It is better to present a can…


On Earth, nothing holds
Who said that a hotel must have a solid foundation? A sufficient number of hotels have appeared on the planet, ready to provide their guests with the most unexpected forms…