In Australia, it's cheaper
The Australian branch of the Study Group Australia of the largest British educational organization, The British Study Group, accepts international students and schoolchildren from 12 years old on training programs…

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On Earth, nothing holds
Who said that a hotel must have a solid foundation? A sufficient number of hotels have appeared on the planet, ready to provide their guests with the most unexpected forms…

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In the country of antipodes (part 2)
In the tropical rainforests on the west coast of Tasmania, places are still preserved where the human foot has never stepped. Therefore, part of the island was included in the…

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Diving for dummies

If you have already visited all corners of the globe, it’s time to go down under the water. Diving will open new unfamiliar worlds and give a lot of unusual impressions.

Red Sea Coast, Egypt
In Egypt, you can go diving all year round. The crystal clear and warm water of the Red Sea annually attracts thousands of athletes who want to see the most interesting of the 150 species of corals, look at the sunken sailing ship in the Hurghada region, at the charming coastal reefs of the Tiran region, at the coral forests of the Ras Muhammad National Park. However, diving in Egypt is not always safe: instructors are careless, equipment is often faulty, and therefore, if you do not understand the matter at all, it is better to just dive with a mask.

Tip for a beginner: before you go diving, evaluate your strength. At the very least, you should be able to swim, you should not have problems with the respiratory system, pressure and the endocrine system. And be sure to consult a doctor before going to the diving center.

Antalya, Turkey
This resort, famous for a huge number of compatriots, has a lot of diving attractions (or, as they are called by lovers of swimming under the water column, diving sites), such as aircraft and ships that sunk during the war. A special exquisite dive pleasure for experienced “divers” is the flooded Huck Cave, but only experienced divers can get access to it.

Advice for a beginner: if you decide to go diving, take a few lessons in the pool in your home country so as not to suffer from a language barrier, understand the instructor’s instructions and start to understand the equipment a little.

Phi Phi, Thailand
The archipelago with a funny name has prepared many surprises for divers. Corals, moray eels, octopuses, sharks, underwater rocks with sheer walls – all this you will see when you come to Phi-phi. Athletes of any skill level can dive in local waters, and it will be possible to swim to the majority of dive sites by boat in 15-20 minutes. Do not forget that the archipelago is a nature reserve, and therefore you will have to buy souvenirs in the shop, and not get it yourself from the bottom of the sea.

Advice for beginners: any diving is associated with a risk to life, you should be extremely collected and attentive, so never go down under water tired, sleepy, if you suffer from acclimatization or are intoxicated.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia
To see the diverse underwater world of the largest cluster of corals on Earth, which can be seen even from space, is the golden dream of any diver. Athletes are attracted not only by fancy gardens. In the old days, reefs more than once became the cause of shipwrecks, and, having sunk under water, you can find old ships. In these places, diving into the kingdom of sharks and close acquaintance with predators are also popular.

Advice for a beginner: especially at first, equipment should be rented to determine your preferences and then go to the store consciously. Caution, rental equipment should be checked very carefully!

Of course, around the island you will not find beautiful coral fields and you will not find bright tropical fish, but Malta attracts with its underwater landscape – there are many caves and canyons. But the main thing for which a diver should fly to a distant island – wrecks. Hundreds of ancient frigates, galleys and even submarines found their last refuge in the coastal waters, for Malta has long been the haven of Mediterranean pirates.

Advice for a beginner: when choosing a center for diving abroad, take an interest in having a license, find out how long it exists, how old the equipment will be, how the dive will take place, what the ratio of tourists and instructors is, whether there are Russian-speaking specialists.

Aqaba, Jordan
Jordan owns a tiny piece of the Red Sea coast. Diving centers are mainly located near hotels. The local bottom topography has formed a special ecosystem, so here you can meet fish and corals other than Egyptian. The father of the current ruler of the country, King Hussein did a lot to attract scuba diving enthusiasts: he ordered the flooding of ships, tanks, and even he found a rare black coral.

Advice for a beginner: when you go diving abroad, do not try to save on insurance! You need to come to the insurance company and honestly admit where and why you are going – do you not want to pay the huge bill that you will be billed for treatment?

Lighthouse, Belize
The Belize barrier reef stretches for almost 300 kilometers and is second only to the Australian. Reef Lighthouse is an offer for experienced divers, because these places are famous for their beautiful underwater karst caves of the ice age, filled with stalactites and stalagmites. To admire them, you will have to go down to a depth of about 40 meters, which cannot be done without special preparation.

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