Hunt: Pure Australian killings
Hunting is a weird entertainment. It seems to be cruel, but on the other hand it’s a natural male occupation, the most vital justification. Someone today is hunting for bread,…

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Countries with the most spa hotels and resorts
What could be better than a relaxing massage after a long city tour that helps to regain strength and happily watch the next day? Spa hotels and resorts are the…

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Australia: top view
Australia is a paradoxical place, full of strange, unlike anything else. To begin with, one of its youngest countries is located on one of the oldest existing continents of the…

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Countries with the most spa hotels and resorts

What could be better than a relaxing massage after a long city tour that helps to regain strength and happily watch the next day? Spa hotels and resorts are the most fashionable and popular holiday destinations to date. In addition to a variety of massages, it offers unique treatments such as hydrotherapy, mud baths and much more. We will talk about those countries where the largest number of spa hotels and resorts is located.

USA – 1471. Spas have become an integral part of leisure for middle and upper class American tourists. The client wants to play golf all day and get a massage at the end of the day. Among the active visitors to spa centers, more and more men began to appear, although initially this type of relaxation was considered exclusively female.

Japan – 1040. Hawaiians Spa Resort is the most interesting and attractive spa complex, which consists of several pools in the traditional theater style, with stage performances, banquet facilities and hotels. One of the pools is the largest in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Austria – 900. Spa hotels and resorts here offer any procedure that exists in the world – from traditional natural remedies, such as a Kneipp bath or an Austrian bath with hay, to all kinds of massages (Balinese, Thai, trigger zones, Shaolin monks), sound therapy, water therapy Ayurveda and many others. New procedures are constantly being developed, for example, stretching and relaxing khaki, which is especially important for the tense area of ​​the neck and shoulders of people who spend many hours in a row at the computer.

Australia – 611. Australian spas tried to integrate the mysticism of Australian Aboriginal culture into their proposals, adding Australian plants and minerals to massage products, and the leaders of the local tribes shared recipes with them. Such procedures are called the mysterious name “Dreams.”

Brazil – 593. The number of spas and resorts here will grow over the next five years. This, most likely, will contribute to the growth of health and wellness tourism, not only in the Northeast region of the country, but also where tourism is not yet a priority sector of the economy, but it has great potential and growth potential.

New Zealand – 580. The thermal waters and muds of Rotorua are widely known for their healing properties since ancient times. Tourists from North Asia (including South Korea and China) are the main clients of Rotorua’s spa business, they believe that local spa treatments help relax muscles and fight pain. About 44% of all tourists arriving on Rotorua travel to New Zealand, and then specially come here to get to know the local natural spas.

Italy – 579. In Italy, hundreds of spa complexes and traditional thermal baths, spa treatments, mud baths and other various therapies and relaxation techniques. The country has about 2,300 mineral water springs in 930 resorts, of which about 1,000 are used. Two-thirds of them are cold, in others the temperature is above 20 ° C, and in some reaches 100 ° C, these are considered geothermal.

Canada – 523. Canadian spas try to create their own, individual image, they want to be different from others, presenting their cosmetics and services as a unique product. Some increase the number of foreign procedures, in particular, there are more Scandinavian spas, especially in Quebec. The concept of this spa is to alternate hot and cold temperatures for two to four hours. Others attract visitors with creams and cosmetics from other parts of the world – from Asia and the Middle East. But there are also spa centers operating on the principle of “returning to the roots”, offering customers completely natural, non-toxic cosmetics, as well as services that were in use several decades ago.

South Africa – 510. Most of the spa resorts and hotels are located in the most beautiful corners of the country, they complement the list of attractions that attract foreign and local tourists. The best spa complexes are usually opened at those hotels that are most popular with tourists who want to relax away from the city.

Mexico – 469. In the local spa industry, there has been a serious trend of moving away from traditional spa centers to medical ones with the availability of serious equipment, but at the same time continuing to offer relaxing therapy to clients. One of the most important medical procedures is lymphatic drainage, which helps to reduce weight and reduce cellulite. Also in the new spa centers, a pressure chamber is actively used, which saturates the body with oxygen. This trend contributes to the opening of medical spa centers in major cities of the country and in those resorts where foreigners mostly relax. However, the Mexicans themselves were interested in the new procedures and are ready to pay for them.

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