Australia in which dreams come true

Fifth continent
In no one of the prosperous countries of the world can you find such a combination of prosperity with untouched nature and limitless open spaces ... Today, Aeroflot refused to…

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Quisland: from jellyfish to ram lizard
What is Queensland? One of the five states of Australia with a subtropical climate, miles of beaches, the lights of luxury hotels, the noise of the ocean tide and the…

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In the country of antipodes (part 3)
A curious story of the origin of the name of the kangaroo, possibly mythical. James Cook, who "discovered" Australia a second time, wrote in his diary in 1770 about a…

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Death in Venice – Life in Australia

Unconventional sexual orientation today has ceased to be a cause for criminal prosecution. But it is still annoying the masses who are not familiar with Thomas Mann’s short story “Death in Venice” and who do not believe in Tchaikovsky’s homosexuality. For the most part, people, if they do not blame homosexuals aloud, at least show an unhealthy curiosity about them. It is easy to imagine, for example, the reaction of a sunbathing layman who saw young men kissing on the beach. Or hugging young ladies. At best, giggles.

Representatives of sexual minorities are quite annoyed by this attitude. And they are forced to come up with more or less less crowded holiday destinations so that when they arrive at the resort with a loved one, they will not be the target of ridicule and indelicate remarks. Gays and lesbians have long chosen the Hemingway Key West in the States, the island of Mykonos in Greece. Not that heterosexuals were not allowed there, but homosexuals feel freer there. Continue reading

Accessible or inaccessible country of Oz?

Every year, Australia is becoming an increasingly closed country in terms of immigration. The requirements for immigrant candidates are being tightened, the “passing” score is steadily increasing, quotas are being reduced, etc. Suffice it to say that this year 15,000 seats from the total quota of 74,000 are assigned to the “independent” category.

However, Australia has not yet “closed” completely. About what are the chances of moving to a permanent place of residence in this country today, – commentary by the head of the Moscow immigration bureau VIZAVI, corresponding member of the International Academy of Informatization Alexander Gavrilovts. Continue reading

Education in Australia – not just for Aboriginal people (part 2)

Enrolling in Australian private schools is easy – just have money, know English and get an interview. Moreover, if you show your best side during the interview, you will be forgiven for gaps in English. There was a case when an elite Scotts College accepted a boy from Russia who spoke poor English. The headmaster liked his fighting qualities. An English boy, for free, “pulled up” in a neighboring language school.

It should be borne in mind that the duration of studies in Australian and Russian schools is different. Therefore, the class in which the child will be taken will, of course, depend on the volume and content of the disciplines studied in Russia, but ultimately on what impression the child will make on the school leadership. Continue reading

Education in Australia – not just for Aboriginal people (part 1)

Russian students have recently discovered Australian education. But last year, about a hundred Russians left to study in Australia, and over thirty in the first four months of this year. Schools, colleges, universities in Australia are attractive not only because they are in one of the most exotic countries on the planet. Just an Australian education, which, by the way, is built like the British, is really appreciated all over the world.

The academic year in Australian schools begins in February, and in universities in March. So if you want to start studying next year, now is the time to start correspondence and prepare for admission.

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What and how in Australia

So, you flew to Australia. You do not need to take products, seeds, plants with you – they will not let you through. It is better to present a can of caviar at customs. If the packaging is not broken, they will skip. It’s better to immediately declare money. If there are less than $ 10,000, there will be no questions; if there are more, our customs declaration must be presented, where they are indicated. It’s not worth taking animals with you. A person’s friend must be quarantined for six months before crossing the Australian border.


try to mine gold. In places that survived the gold rush in the last century, a goldfish is found today. To live in a hut without light, with a primitive stove, with the equipment of a single miner; Continue reading

What and how in Australia
So, you flew to Australia. You do not need to take products, seeds, plants with you - they will not let you through. It is better to present a can…


In the country of antipodes (part 2)
In the tropical rainforests on the west coast of Tasmania, places are still preserved where the human foot has never stepped. Therefore, part of the island was included in the…


Australian cuisine
Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and diverse in the world. Its possibilities range from meat pies and vegetarian sandwiches to kangaroo fillets with young beetroot shoots and…


Where better to relax for the New Year
More and more Russians go on New Year's holidays on a journey - in their own country or abroad. The meeting of the familiar home, family holiday outside the walls…