In the country of antipodes (part 3)
A curious story of the origin of the name of the kangaroo, possibly mythical. James Cook, who "discovered" Australia a second time, wrote in his diary in 1770 about a…

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Education in Australia - not just for Aboriginal people (part 1)
Russian students have recently discovered Australian education. But last year, about a hundred Russians left to study in Australia, and over thirty in the first four months of this year.…

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Sydney - Walking Upside Down
"A peasant at the Australian embassy is asked: Do you have a criminal record ?, and he answered: And what, do you still need a criminal record to get an…

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Monthly Archives: November 2017

James Cook. Discovery of Australia

On April 29, 1770, the heavy and clumsy ship Endeavor anchored in the waters of a charming bay. Among the team of captain James Cook, who went in search of an unknown southern mainland, in other words, Australia, there was also a scientist – amateur botanist of the Royal Geographical Society Joseph Banks. He was so struck by the picture of dozens of plants that were unknown to science of the time that he had discovered that he persuaded Cook to rename the seemingly named bay. Since then, it has been called the Botanical, that is, Botany Bay.

It must be said that the expedition with so many scientists on board went to the expanses of the Pacific Ocean for the first time. In addition to Banks, on board the Endeavor were the Swedish naturalists Solander and Spering, two artists, their assistants – only 11 people. Continue reading

Australia in which dreams come true

..And don’t tell me that this is a stamp that is indecent to use in a decent magazine. Because in Australia, my most important, most childhood dream came true. Behind this dream, it was imperative to go to the ends of the world, because koalas, well, absolutely nowhere else in the world. And here it was necessary to go here for the silvery eucalyptus groves, the most endless watercolor beaches, the funniest Australians and the most serene happiness. But all this I learned already on the spot.

The fact that sooner or later Australia will happen in my life, I realized in the seventh grade. This confidence came to me in the form of a small photograph in a geography textbook (as I remember now, below on the right page): a furry animal of some unearthly charm, tightly hugging the trunk of an eucalyptus. Continue reading

Quisland: from jellyfish to ram lizard

What is Queensland? One of the five states of Australia with a subtropical climate, miles of beaches, the lights of luxury hotels, the noise of the ocean tide and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the brightest exotic.

Do not break corals
The Great Barrier Reef – one of the main wonders on Earth – extends from Papua New Guinea to the South Tropic. A chain of coral reefs stretches for two thousand kilometers, most of which are under water, but some appear on the surface at low tide.

First you need to get to Port Douglas – a pretty place with a spacious pier, where yachts creak with gear and swing on the waves of a boat. Continue reading

Automatic instead of the border guard
According to the forecasts of Australian statisticians, in the summer of 2000, during the Olympic Games in Sydney, the flow of foreign tourists to Australia will increase approximately threefold. Moreover,…


The day Australia freezes
Every year on the first Tuesday of November, Australia inevitably falls into a slight insanity. It covers the country for 142 years, long passed directly with genes. They are waiting…


This deadly Australia
Most people in Australia are accustomed to the neighborhood of deadly creatures, perceiving them as familiar everyday life. But actually it’s just amazing how many of the creatures that inhabit…